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It’s My Belief We’re All Crazy

by mdjb

It’s my belief we’re all crazy. I think we have to be to survive without scars.

There is no point in trying to deny the healthy aspects of approaching the game from the other end of the terminal. If you try to play by the rules, someone with a wider perspective will find reason to oust you. Take the limited but keep an ear to the conductor’s announcements. There is more to be found at the next stop.

Sun comes up. Sun goes down. That’s all you need to remember.

Don’t make long term plans, but do listen to the weather report. It’s only guesswork.

Seventh son of a seventh son. No reason to think you’re blest in any degree.

Meet the regulars. Say hello. Don’t give out more information required than enough to get you a seat. It’s a long ride and you will grow tired standing. But again, be adaptable. As often as things are capable of change, they probably will. Keep your eyes peeled for an available seat, but if after three stops none becomes available, make your own. Sit on the floor.

Two men walk into a bar. That’s a different story.

If the sun doesn’t rise tomorrow, forget the preceding and go with Plan B.

Keep watching this space for further updates.

The Man is not on your side. He works alone. Notice his flawless skin? No scars? Think he’s sane? Could be He’s playing a different game. Maybe, though, He’s been playing this one so long, the rules do not apply. Plan B involves living long enough to make your own rules.

Plan C is a combo situation and requires quick stepping back and forth between the previous two. It is inadvisable due to the wear and tear it affords. There is some scarring. There is no Plan D. Best to proceed until a roadblock presents the need to decide; do so rapidly and take another shot. Don’t vacillate. There is never much to be gained.

Veterans achieve a measure of immortality but never beyond the measure of the species.

Best to you each morning. Sun comes up. Get dressed. Otherwise, plan your funeral. Don’t bother with obituaries. Most people don’t read them. And those that do, well, isn’t it obvious why they do?

Try spot remover and remember laughter causes lines but it’s the least painful course. Listen for the whistle. Have your ticket ready and hop on.

Nobody here but us chickens.