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Something in the Way He Smiled

by mdjb

Imagine yourself sharing a rather large house with two very close friends. You’re walking up the path, smiling, until you arrive at the black door, and you remember these two were not even acquaintances until you answered the ad for a summer share in the Free News. The tall one seriously offered to give you head in exchange for your cooperation with the food bill, and the other is still inside the closet. You had been saving to go to Germany or Austria, but your fear of flying prevented you from investing in a real vacation. It’s only June thirtieth, and you think you’ve already shared enough time with two wankers who want to play strip poker every other night and cannot get their fill of sunbathing on the nude beach.
Imagine sharing this rather large house with two total strangers, whose names you will always remember without ever entering them in your little black book, and how guilty you will feel signing out of Facebook whenever you see one of those names pop up in the chat box, although you just cannot bring yourself to unfriending either of them.
Imagine how you will respond when you get that call in November and Derek tells you he’s going to be in your neck of the woods, and would like to pop in for coffee and to talk about the good times. You will recall his smile so like a piano keyboard with all those perfectly capped big teeth. Derek and Bob. Bob and Derek. You know you’re on a mission, and the flying thing was only incidental.
You wonder what’s for dinner, and are reminded that you haven’t eaten this well in years as you imagine yourself sitting alone in your small apartment in Pittsburg.
Now, if you could only figure out a way to dissuade them from playing cards for the evening, so you could avoid that self-conscious feeling you always get upon losing, perhaps you could enjoy watching one beautiful sunset while gazing out on the western shore instead of staring at the modern art piece whose eyes follow you around the deck.