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My Armadillo

by mdjb

I went to the market to buy me a pig. Jiggety-jig. Jiggety-jig.
But when I got there, the cupboard was bare. Diggedy-dare. Diggedy-dare.
The man at the counter said, “Boy, what’s your pleasure?”
“An oinker,” I said, with a smile for good measure.
“Ain’t no porkers in sight,” he replied with a cough,
“How ’bout an armadillo? The price is half off.
It’s truly a bargain. You’ll be doin’ just fine.”
I couldn’t resist–bad habit of mine.
Tell me I’m saving, I’ll buy things I don’t need.
You know where the sales are? I’ll follow; you lead,
But give me a moment before we go shopping,
I have to feed and walk Army. He sure keeps me hopping.
I’m not sleeping well lately–he’s cranky and creaks,
And I ain’t had no bacon in five or six weeks.