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Story Virus v5

by mdjb

This is basically a series of flash stories. I was tagged by my good friend the writer CJT on her wordvamp blog to help continue a project with some great writers, and given the list of previous posts so I could bring it forward. I will add to the story, then tag more people for them to keep it moving. It has gotten interesting, and I hope my taggees can find some time to help it along.
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And finally:
CJT’s wordvamp, before coming to me.

Here is my addition to the story:

The Team, comprising Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder, and Blitzen, or Rudolph’s Boys for short, were sitting, red-nosed and bleary-eyed, round a flattened tree stump that served as a card table. There were empty booze bottles lying all over the place, and bowls that might have once held snacks, but now were overflowing with upchuck sat uninvitingly to the side.
“Kris ain’t here,” said Donder. “Who’s asking for him? Oh, it’s you Blanco. What the hell, happened to you? You look like you ate some bad fish.”
“Where’s Kringle? He said he’d get you guys ready to go on a mission to save the world, starting with the Universe Mall.”
“Who does he think he is, Doc Savage? We got but one job a year, and we don’t feel like donning those frigging reindeer outfits to go saving the world without time and a half for overtime.”
“Listen, Donner,” said Gary, “Can’t you guys…?”
“That’s Donder, dicktard. Why does everybody get that wrong?”
“Sorry, I heard it in a song or something,” the detective said. “Can’t you guys get into the spirit of the season just a coupla days early, and help us out?”
“What’s up?” asked Blitzen, and the others gave him a look that said, Don’t involve us in anything too taxing.
“Is this all you lamefaces do all the time, sitting around throwing back the hootch?” Blanco asked. As his color was deepening he felt the whole season was falling away to the dogs.
“How do you think we fuel up for the big night?” Dasher said, and that raised laughter from the rest of the team.
At that, Rudolph came out of the back of the barn, wiping his hands like he’d just come from a restroom. “What’s up, fellas?” he asked. “Who’re these guys?”
“Ummn, you’d better go wake up the Fat Man,” said Blitzen, “Looks like we got another job this year. These guys want us to help ’em save the world.”
“Scrotum,” shouted Rudolph, who suffered from intermittent Tourette’s syndrome, “Balls! Ass! Titties,” and his nose began glowing redder than a stop sign at a school crossing. “Waddaya want us to do?”
“Don’t you think we should wake up Kris…” Blitzen started to ask.
“Nah, shit! Blueballs! Jack-off! We can handle this, and be back in time for the big giveaway. Damn!” He kept rubbing his hands, but now he looked as if he anticipated big adventure.
“I’m not so sure you understand the nature of…” Gary began.
“Just lay out the plan,” Rudolph interrupted, “Christ! Mess! We’re more than ready for some action and mayhem. Motherfu…” he stopped, as everyone turned to see Kris Kringle, himself, waddling out from the back while zipping up his fly.
“You guys know who’s in charge here. Didn’t I tell y’all to wake me when these two arrived? Christ, where would this season be without me?”

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